VIT 2012 Cutoff Marks and Ranks

VITEEE is also known as Vellore Institute of Technology – Engineering Entrance Examination. VITEEE 2012 was held today 21 April, 2012 from 2: 30 p.m. to 5 p.m. VITEEE 2012 Answer Key and Solutions will be available here.

VITEEE is an Entrance Exam which is held for take admission into Engineering Courses in VIT University. VITEEE Entrance Exam paper questions made of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics subjects.

Given below is an analysis of the ranks and the branch you would be getting in Vellore Institute of Technology Entrance Exam.

VITEEE Rank and Branch Allocation

Rank Branch Allotted
< 5000 The branch of your choice
< 7000 On the borderline for CS,ECE
< 10000 Electrical, EEE, Chemical, Mechanical etc for sure.
< 15000 Lower branches but in the second counselling.


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  2. i have got 29000 rank in VITEEE. can I get mechanical…????

  3. i got 18,000 rank in vit..i wanna study it possible?

      • well,i would like to ask,then why are they calling us fr couselling?they have called people upto 20,000 rank..what does this mean?do u suggest i do not attend the counselling then?

        • They call people upto 20K rank because there is a campus in Chennai too where you might get Civil Engineering. Moreover, always more number of students are called for counseling because the cutoffs change every year.

          • my son got 10650 what all can he get in vellore

    • In Vellore Campus: Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering and that too very bleak chances.

    • In Vellore Campus: Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering and that too very bleak chances.

    • Chances are close to impossible Ayush. Try other colleges.

  4. i hav got 317… should i go for vit or i can get a better college ???

    • it depends on your ranks in other entrance exams. In fact wait for others if you have performed so well here.

  5. My son got 20757 rank for VITEE 2012 ,Is there any chance to get admission at VIT?

    • It would be very tough with this rank but you can still hope for Civil Enginering in the Chennai campus.

    • Hey Mahesh, you might not be able to get any branch in VIT with this rank. The admissions close at a rank of around 15000.

    • Branches you can get in Vellore Campus: Bioinformatics and Bio-Medical Engineering.

    • Hey Arun,it woudl be just impossible for you to get admitted into VIT with this rank. You should try for other colleges, we would suggest.

  6. i got 7512 rank……..what branches may i expect.and what was the cutoff this year

    • Both the branches are possibly in your reach. Attend the counseling we would suggest.

  7. i was expecting above 60 marks but got a rank of 40000, can i review????

    • IT and Biotech courses at Vellore Campus. Any branch at Chennai Campus.

  8. i got a rank of 18000, in which field can i expect to get addmission.please reply

    • Civil Engineering at Chennai Campus is probable but not sure.

  9. i have a rank 20486 in vit can i get in counselling ,,,,,,,??????

    • They are calling students upto 20000 ranks in the first round. You will have to wait if there is a second round.

    • IT and Biotech courses at Vellore Campus. Any branch at Chennai Campus.

  10. I have got 17000 rank in VITEEE, is it possible to get CS?

    • Not possible, you would have to compromise with a lower branch at Chennai Campus.

  11. Sir, My son got 7803 rank in VITEE, can he get CS in -BVS Reddy

  12. my rank is 14000….which branch will i get in Vellore n Chennai campus…??

    • Bioinformatics in Vellore, Civil or Electrical in Chennai Campus.

  13. my son got 10650 what all can he get in vellore, do they conduct second round of counseling what is the procedure,if in first round you opt for say it,and there are drop outs do they upgrade the branch or we have to go for second counseling or is it final.things are not clear,kindly advise

    • Hello Sir, your son may get IT and Biotech courses at Vellore Campus if we look at the cutoffs in the previous years. They fix a branch as of now but they may upgrade if there are people who dropout. And the second round of counseling happens only if there are vacant seats left but it may not happen this year since they are calling people upto the ranks of 20K.


  14. sir, My son got 3523 rank in VITEEE, can i get CS OR EC in – S. Pandey.

  15. With rank of 14,575 is there any chance of getting CSE or ECE in Chennai campus.

    • With this rank CSE or ECE is tough but you can probably get Electrical Engineering at Chennai Campus. or Civil Engineering

  16. 1. My rank is 14962. Seeking Bio-Tech at Vellore. Possible?
    2. Do they offer Bio-Tech at both Vellore and Chennai?

    • It is quite possibe since it goes till around 13500. Biotech is just offered at Vellore Campus.

  17. my viteee 2012 rank is 32159.will i get admission in viteee for ECE or Mechanical engineering

    • That would be difficult for you Varun in any of the campus.

  18. sir i got 13000 rank should i attend conselling would iget mechanical

  19. Sir, I got 9330 Rank in VIT entrance. Is there any scope of getting cse or it in vellore campus.

  20. my son has got 6980th rank in viteee. can we expect ece or mechanical ?

    • Chances are low in both the branches but you never know. Closing ranks for both are around 7000. So he might get one.

  21. i have got 7584 rank in viteee. can i get mechanical or eee?? plz reply


  23. I got 7437 rank in VITEEE .Can i get ECE at vellore campus..??

  24. what is the closing rank for civil branch at the vellore campus? what about eee in chennai??

    • You can get Civil in Vellore upto a rank of 9000. EEE in Chennai till 14000 or lower ranks.

  25. how much donation approximately would they take to admit a student in mech, or ece with rank 17500?

  26. I got 6484 rank in VITEEE 2012. Will I get ECE in Vellore campus?

      • ECE is possible if we look at the cutoffs from last year and if the situation remains the same this year too, it is possible.

  27. my son has got 5921 rank in viteee. will he be able to get mechanical engineering in vellore campus ? if not wheather chennai campus is equally good for mechanical engg in terms of faculty and placement . Kindly advise sir

  28. sir i got 16471 rank in vit this year
    What all branches i am likely to get? Can i get electronics, cs or mechanical??
    Or can i get biotech?

  29. sir i have gt 50097 rank in vit exm i s there any chance to me fr gtng admission in ur institution reply fast i m waiting….

    • Keshav, you might not ave any chance of getting admitted in to VIT.

  30. i got 10077rank can i get ece eee or cse at vellore campus

    • Information Technology is possible but any of the branches you have mentioned is tough.

  31. my son has got 18757 rank in viteee 2012. which branch can he expect

    • Your son might get Civil Engg at Chennai Campus but the chances are very bleak.

  32. hello sir….my brother has rank 7822, which branch he can get and please also suggest estimate fee structure…please do reply

  33. sir, i got 9112 rank…..
    will i get mechanical with/without specialization in vellore campus??

  34. hey i got 16805 rank in viteee 2012..can i get biomedical engineering there..///

  35. i got 10853 rank in vitee…can i expect mechanical specialisation in automobile in vellore campus???

  36. sir my rank is 9244. can i get cse in vellore campus or chennai campus?? pls reply fast// i m waitng.

  37. I have got 942 in viteee but i missed the counselling on the given date i.e. 14-05-2012. Can i ittend the councelling on 19-05-2012 and get the stream i want.

  38. sir my rank is 102860 and can i get the place in computer engineering with vit campus

  39. is doing civil engg from vit vellore better or doing cse or ece from heritage institute of technology better?

  40. i got 127 marks in aieee 2012 exam, my all india rank is 62866 , obc category rank is 14000 and state obc is 2022 rank . i belong from allahabad up. i want electrical, electronics and communication , computer, or mechanical branch in any govt college. can i get my branch in j k institute, allahabad university or iiit’s ……

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