Tips for solving Question Paper(IITJEE,AIEEE,BITSAT or any other engineering entrance exam)

• Read the instructions carefully

• Scan the Problems Immediately

• Make a rough estimate of easy problems. If easier one is beyond your capacity, don’t get nervous, just go ahead. For moderate problems, try to derive relations

• Don’t go for complicated calculations

• Complicated calculations means wrong solution

• Keep Attempting the easy / scoring ones first

• Single choice options are going to be mark fetching ones. Try to attempt as many as possible

• Don’t take an guess work

• Concentrate on one question at the time.

The Day Before IIT JEE

• Let your intensity of studies come down in the latter half of the day

• Don’t study anything fresh after 2.

• If possible go through small summary of the Inorganic. Even if you are not able to recollect, don’t discourage yourself.

• Be bold. You will come out successfully

• Evening relax – may be you can watch TV / Go to Temple

• Eat healthy food. This is not only for the examination day, start from today

• Eat healthy breakfast – supplement with iron rich food

• Take almonds – rich in omega 3 fatty acid.

• Don’t take excessive food

• Drink lots of water

• Whenever your are tired, drink energy drinks

• Avoid oily and spicy food.

• You can check your center location


• Ensure that you had taken the admit card plus the required stationeries

• You should reach the test center at least half an hour before the exam

• Carry water bottle

• Take it as a normal day as if you are going to write a practice test

• Give several time mental pep up talk that “ I can do much better. This day is meant for me. I am born to succeed”

• Enter the Examination hall in the positive mood to crack the test

• Re – check your stationeries and synchronize your wrist watch with the center clock

• Fill Up all the particulars carefully

• Read the Instructions carefully

• Don’t be panic when others Start attempting

• Never make any conclusion by looking at others

• If there is any mistake in your OMR Sheet , address immediately

• Don’t make any conclusions about the paper in the exam hall

• Minimize the possibility of using eraser

• Never submit the paper before the time. If you have some time in your hand, better to revise the solution

• Use the rough space wisely so that you can cross verify at any time

• Use the value of the constants given in the paper in solving a numerical. If the value is not mentioned, use the one youremember. Carry out all the rough work only in the space given in the paper

• Attempting to solve all the questions in haste increases the chance of the error . It is better to solve slightly fewer questions faultlessly

• While attempting questions, go on segregating them putting some identification marks. These questions are from topics that you have prepared

• After the first exam, don’t discuss the paper with anyone, Try to understand the difference between facts and fiction

• What ever you have done is good. Say to your self before the 2nd paper that you are going to do this much better

• Don’t take too much time on attempting a question. If some concepts are not at all known to you, immediately come out of it.

Success is Yours

• Believe in basics

• Success is easy, keep it smile, achieve it with a proper plan and execute with a cool pace of mind

Best of Luck Guys!!!