We all know how technology is becoming an integral part of our daily lives, from taking over the role of our wallets to self driving cars. The continuing involvement of technology in our life is inevitable, hence the advantages it brings in the way we learn is not surprising. Helping us to understand what we study in a better way than our conventional text book methods. With just the internet being available to everyone worldwide, it has changed the way the education system works. Here are a few of the aspects of how technology is changing the face of education.

1. Understanding :

In a textbook based teaching system, the teacher is limited with her explanations of how something works to the 2D images found in the textbook, and how much the student understands is left to the student’s imagination like certain topics of Geometry where the question cannot be explained properly on paper. With the advancements in technology in educational institutions, with the help of 3D animations teachers can explain what they want to do in the best possible way, the way how it really works in the real world.

2. Memorizing :

Everyone has trouble memorising topics they learn, mostly because they don’t understand the topic but also because of our brains retention limitations. It is known that our brains have a higher retentively to the content that we see or visualise compared to something we read. The best example would be how we remember the plot of a movie we saw better than what we read on the news that particular day. In the same way, what we learn with the help of technology is in a better format for the brain to retain for longer period of time.

3. Sharing Ideas :

In the earlier days when someone had a query about any topic they were interested in, the range of people who they could go to get an answer was minimal, basically family, friends and their teachers. But now, whenever someone has a doubt, they have a wide variety of ways they can express their ideas and queries with the world and have a real time discussion on the topic with the help of blogs and debate pages. Even for preparing for their exams like JEE, NEET, GRE and such, a wide variety of material is available online from various sources widely increasing the student’s diversity of questions available to practice on.

4. Freedom of choice:

Before the internet, in case someone had to refer about a topic the person had to get to a library to get the concerned book on the topic. If the required book is not available, the person’s interest in the topic is limited by the availability of information. But now, with the internet being available to everyone, people are spoilt for choice. Anyone can refer and learn about any topic of their liking.

Hence we can see how with the help of technology, we have been enabled to broaden our horizons on what we want to learn, in a better way of understanding, retaining and communicating our ideas with the world. Essentially making us to fall in love with learning.

About Author :

Basil C Baby is an Engineer with impending knowledge in several sectors striving to help the regular man with his endeavours.