The IITJEE exam is based on concepts and more importance is given to the application of those concepts. It is observed from the last few years that instead of asking lengthy questions with tedious calculations, short questions with easier calculations are being asked, which are more powerful in testing the concepts.


• What ever is the level of preparation, doubt will always arise in your preparation strategy
• You may feel that the time left out is very less
• Your mind may go blank sometimes
• You are always in need of support
• You may tend to think of the past


• You will find to ample time if you do not lament of the past. According to inverse Parkison law :
• “Time expands according to the need”
• Don’t waste your time worrying
• Start your preparation with proper planning, strong determination & Self confidence. It can make you through your goal.


• Your success just not comes with your effort and practice, your mind set on the day makes a big difference
• The IIT JEE is not only a test of a student’s preparation but also how well he can handle the pressure
• Tune up your mind with positive thoughts
• Avoid friend who have negative mind set
• Take real JEE experience in practice tests
• Don’t compare yourself with others
• Don’t get carried away by what others say

On analyzing last few year results it was proved that chemistry is always the deciding subject for the final rank and one has to put little more efforts in the subject. Here we will look at the best manner in which chemistry can be revised. Analysis of previous papers of IIT JEE, its quite clear that chemistry is scoring subject in terms of time invested and marks obtained.
The entire syllabus of chemistry is divided in to three major units namely physical & general chemistry, Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry. All these are equally important.
As such there is no fixed weightage maintained by JEE. This can be evidenced by the Analysing the last 4 year papers