Despite worst ever global recession and job cuts across the country in the private sector, Training and Placement Cell of Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow could maintain the Institute’s record of placement in the year 2008-2009.  In the last academic year we have been able to place 207 (Two Hundred and Seven) final year students in over 25 prestigious industrial houses including Govt. of India enterprises that have visited Institute.  Total number of offers given by the companies to the students was 222, hence few students securing double jobs. The over all statistics is given in the Table 1. It can be noticed that placement of students in the core engineering sector have gone up compared to previous years while a drop was observed in the IT/ITES sector. Despite IT/ITES sector being worst hit, it  still managed to provide maximum job opportunities to IET students. The placement of engineering students remained at  60.7 % while only  31.2 % of the students of MBA/MCA were offered the job. Overall placement was 54.0 %. We observed that to some extent recession spared engineering students while the worst hit were MBA and MCA students this year.

For Complete Placement Stats of IET Lucknow Have a look Here.


      • my rank is 2711, can iget civil or it or chemical in iet after all rounds of counselling..????????

  1. my rank is 12321 in gen can i get admission in ece in iet college

  2. my gen rank is 13000 and obc rank is 3500 can i get any branch in iet lko

  3. i have got 4241 in general and 1030 in obc what can i get in iet lucknow or mmm gorakhpur

  4. sir my Ge rank in mtu 15936 and sc rank 635 can i get iet lucknow send me quickly

  5. I got (GEN566) rank in UPSEE MBA exam. Cant i get IET lucknow or any govt. college ??

    or please suggest me any other good college(in terms of placement) in my rank .

  6. My rankk in gen is 678 and in SC 55. can i get iet lucknow for mba

    also tell the branch that i can get thre.

  8. i got 1576 gen and 33 in GNAF in upsee n i also got vit ECE branch ..should i go for iet or vit

    • Hi Aman, 1576 rank in General is good enough to get you a good branch in top colleges in UPTU. Since you are from UP, it doesn’t make sense to go all the way to Vellore since the job opportunities after that also remain pretty much the same. Also, the fees in VIT is very much on the higher end. Hence, we would suggest you to take a circuit branch in UP college if you just have VIT as a backup option.

    • thnx sir but i may not get core branch in hbti,but in iet i can but their placement is only 60% isnt it very less plzz suggest between vit or iet …or best branch in iet

      • also sir i got to know that avg package in iet o hbti lies in 2.5 -3.5 lpa ..its very less plz corret me if iam wrong

      • Best branch to go would be either COmputer Science or Electrical Engineering considering the current job market. If you go for core branches like Mechanical or Civil, packages are going to hover around 3-4 lakhs and getting a job also becomes very tough. But we would advise you at this point, not to just consider placement as the sole criteria when choosing a college. A lot of your priorities change when you spend 4 years in college and you should introspect and see what you would like to really study. If you are good with coding, go for CSE, if not you are going to blame the decision you take now for the next 4 years. So choose wisely and not just go with placement stats of any college.

        • sir i got your point ,i am thinking to take ECE in iet and i will get that also but still confused about college as ill get ECE in both iet and vit….which is better college for same branch?? plz eloborate

  9. Hello sir this is ayushi . I got 2687 in and 184 in b.arch in GNAF. SO can i expect to get into any top 5 colleges of U.P. Is it possible that i can get in any one of the HBTI or IET,Lucknow . May i also know which is the best college of architecture in U.P ,and can i get admission in that college after looking at my rank.

        • im also student not expert..but how much i know there r max 2500 gov seats in btech ,so it may difficult to get gov colleges in btech. but u may try for b.arch cuz that luks decent rank

  10. sir,my obc rank is 3600,gen(13000),what branch cn I get in i.e.t lucknow,or not…………………..sir plz help

  11. sir…m getting general rank-32663….obc rank-9563….and bcaf rank-412….which colleges can i get….plsss replyyyy sirrr m veryyy muchhh tensedd………………..

    • sir…can i get hbti kanpur or iet lucknow…or any other govt institution

  12. Dear sir, I have got 4278 rank in the UPSEE 2013. Pl. let me know whether I may get a Mech engg seat in IET Lucknow ? What other branch should I expect in IET Lucknow for admission this year 2013 ? Please guide me.

  13. D/sir, My son has achieved 4278 Rank in UPSEE 2013. Pl guide me whether he may get Mechanical or Civil or Computer or any branch in IET Lucknow this year.

  14. My general rank in UPSEE Is 8700 and in girls rank its 970 GNGL . Can I get any government college as my girls rank is okay.

  15. my uptu gen rank is 308 & girls rank is 68. can I get IET college for MCA course? pls tell me

  16. mere 400 marks h upsee m, to meri expected rank kta ho skti h

  17. Sir my gen rank is 5172..I am in obc category..obc rank 1209…sir please tell me can I get admission in iet lucknow…sir pls reply me..please

  18. Sir my gen rank 5756. And OBC rank 1370. Can I get IET or knit .branch ee,mech,

  19. Hello I have 486 general rank in upseee examantion for MBA course and 49% in graduation will I get the college

  20. Sir
    I am getting 861 rank in girls quota
    Will i be able to get hbti or iet

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