Hmmm…. JEE results to be out soon…More than 95% of you all who appeared for this prestigious examination would be rejected.. and naturally feel dejected.

Here are some reasons why you should NOT : –

1.) IIT is a brand that has been bloated far beyond its actual size by coaching institutes and normal Junta. Coaching in India is estimated to be a billion dollar business. I don’t see any reason why coaching institutes would not try and hype it to get maximum out..!

2.) You talk of people like Narayan Murthy, Nandan Nilekani, Shashi Tharoor etc etc who are distinguished alumni of But do you talk about those thousands of IIT ians who didi not make it that big and are ordinary citizens like most in the country..? Everybody who goes to IIT does NOT make it big and everyone who doesn’t does NOT end it up here.

-Vinod Dham, developer of the pentium chip is NOT from IIT.

-Indira Nooyi, one of the world’s highest paid executives is NOT an IITian.

– Harsha Bhogle an IIM A alumnus is NOT an IITian.

– Gurbaksh Chahal , one of the most successful Indian- American entrepreneurs is NOT an IITian.
There are thousands of such names which are there. I can name even more.. the list doesn’t end.

3.) People go to IITs not only for good academic development but for complete all round development. You have such opportunities in atleast 30 – 40 engg colleges in India.

4.) You talk about pay packages eh..? The average package at IIT Delhi is just 5.2 lakhs per annum. I don’t say it is too less but I just want to tell you that it is very much like 20 odd institutes which follow it in rankings.

5.) With rapid growth and industrialisation in the country there is no dearth of jobs. You will certainly get placed somewhere or the other if you make considerable effort ( you work hard during your college).

6.) Nobody talks about graduation these days. If you wanna do well, you have to be a post graduate. You have to specialise. Do you know the average package at IIM Calcutta is 17.64 lakhs  and their lowest package is 7.5 lakhs..?

7.) It requires lot of effort to score well in the IITs. If you spend the same amount of time and effort studying somewhere else.. ( ask me ..LOL) you’ll manage a better percentage and will even enjoy life better .. Trust me :)

8.)Even the IIMs don’t give any weightage to what tier college you belong to . There is no special preference for IITians as IIM Ahemadabad showed in its 21 point system of selction.

Dont Fret.. Remember , Sorrow looks Back.. Worry looks around But Faith looks AHEAD..!