KCET 2013 Online Seat Allotment FAQs :  

1. If I opt for KCET 2013 allotment of seats what should I do?

A gap of 5 days will be given to the candidates from the date of hosting the KCET 2013 Seat Allotment details on the website in the KCET 2013 Admission Round Counselling to exercise their choice of willingness or unwillingness. If you are satisfied with the allotment of seat, you have to enter the choice as ‘1’ in the website. Then you have to make the fee payment at the KCET 2013 Helpline Center  collect the admission order and join the college before the last date printed on the admission order and immediately through your Log-In-Id report back to KEA (on the Option Entry Website) that you have joined the college. If you do not report back to KEA through your Log-In Account on the KCET 2013 Option Entry Portal, your allotted seat will be cancelled even though you might have physically reported to the college. So do not forget to report through your account to us.

2. Once I opt for allotment of seats, can I come back for the KCET 2013 Casual Vacancy Round as I came to know that there are number of seats get added?

No you cannot. The only exception is if additional seat matrix is issued by the Government.

3. Once I opt for Choice -1 and take my allotted seat, and I see that many top rankers above my rank have not reported to the allotted college and therefore many seats are vacant, can I give my options afresh and can opt for that seat?

No, Choice-1 means that a candidate is satisfied with allotted seat and those who have selected Choice-1 as their option will not be considered for further allotment. Candidates are advised to take an educated decision so that such decision should not create any dilemma for them later.

4. I have cancelled / surrendered my allotted seats, Whether I am eligible to participate in the Casual Vacancy Round?

No, a candidate who has received the admission order and cancelled the allotted seat will have no further consideration in exercising the options for a fresh allotment of seats.

5. When and where I have to pay the fees?

If you are satisfied with the KCET 2013 Seat Allotment, you have enter the Choice as ‘1’ in the website. Then you have to make the fee payment at the Helpline Centre.

6. How do I have to pay the fees?

Prescribed fees should be paid in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of the “Executive Director, Karnataka Examinations Authority” payable at respective helpline centre as the case may be.

7. I have already joined the college during last year and presently I am studying in the college, what are the documents I have to produce to get my seat allotment order?

The Transfer Certificate from the Institution where the candidate is studying needs to be compulsorily got if the candidate is to be issued the Admission Order. The same holds good for candidates who are CET repeaters also.

8. What is Super Numerary Quota (SNQ)?

The AICTE has introduced a Supernumerary Quota in all Engineering Colleges for the year 2013-14. 5% of the seats in each college and in each course will be reserved as Supernumerary Quota. This quota is over and above the seat matrix issued by the Government. For Example, if there are 120 seats in Computer Science in a particular college, the Supernumerary quota for Computer Science in that particular college will be 6 seats. Therefore the total intake in that college for computer science will be 126. All candidates whose parental income is less than Rs.4.50 Lakhs per annum will be eligible for allotment of Supernumerary Quota. The tuition fee prescribed by the Government in that particular college will be waived off. The candidate has to pay the other fees only. This Supernumerary quota is not available for Architecture Course. All candidates including General Merit are eligible for allotment of seats under Supernumerary quota if their parental annual income is less than Rs.4.50 Lakhs.

9. How do I become eligible to give an option under KCET 2013 Supernumerary Quota?

If the parental annual income is less than Rs.4.50 Lakhs per annum, then such candidate has to produce theIncome Certificate issued by the jurisdictional Tahasildar which should be submitted at the time of KCEET 2013 Document verification  in order to become eligible for allotment of Supernumerary Quota seats. These seats will be allotted in the order of merit and options entered by the candidate.

10. Can I give option for both regular and Supernumerary Quota Seats?

There is no need to give separate options for Supernumerary quota seats. While allotting the seats the softwarewill consider Supernumerary quota seats first for allotment if seats are available and if the candidate is eligible for it.

11. How is Supernumerary Quota seat allotted?

Seats up to maximum of 5% of sanctioned intake per course in each college approved by AICTE will be offered as Supernumerary seats. The software is designed in such a manner that while considering the options entered by the candidate for allotment, the priority in engineering options will be considered first against the Supernumerary Quota seats if seats are available in the order of merit as per candidate’s eligibility.