This is a dilemma which boggles the mind of every successful candidate. Independent and unbiased thinking is very important in this regard. Keep in mind that you are at crossroads and you need to be very sensible and careful while deciding. Don’t go for branches like computer science or electronics only because you see people getting better pay packages.


Very recently we saw lots of IT professionals in great trouble due to job cuts during recession. It is actually not a very wise decision following the flock and going for software especially when you are not comfortable with coding. Branches like mechanical or civil maybe better for you. Please don’t take me wrong there. I’m not telling you to go out of the way and take “the road less travelled by”. Remember, interest breeds excellence.


Do what interests you.

But don’t listen to people who tell you to go only for computers, IT or electronics and according to whom the other branches are crap. Even if you want to consider higher placements, let me tell you that there are a considerable number of people in my college in polymer sciences who get better packages than their counterparts in other branches.

This “crap branch” concept is crap. Civil engineers today are the ones who are the greatest in demand, something which seemed like a fairytale a few years back. It is a very well known fact nowadays that in a rapidly developing country like India fields like infrastructure and energy will dominate the industry for the coming few decades. It is a good idea to consult seniors who are already working out there.

Going through the curricula of your choices would prove to be helpful as well. For higher studies too, you ought to know your subject thoroughly. Mark my words, performance in college DOES matter.

For MBA aspirants it is said that a better institute should be preferred to a better branch as it makes a great difference to your profile. It is necessary to have the right kind of balance between your choices and your preferred institute. In a nutshell, DO NOT think that a branch is good just because the whole herd wants it and it seems to be well paying.


USE YOUR HEAD…guys..seriously. You’ve already been racking your brains for the past two years….a bit more won’t hurt much. The scenario is very different. Keep all options open. All the very best for the new start. Hope you guys rock it!