Why IIT???

Well I don’t think I need to answer that question for most of you reading this article… But still I would do that for the sake of those engineering aspirants who have visited Eduarena and are new to this golden word(read IIT) ….

Guys it is as simple as that…. You wouldn’t choose a Maruti 800 if you had the means to purchase a Mercedes Benz or you would not  go for a Hero puch if you had the option of going for a Karizma ZMR..?

It is as simple as that… It’s your choice buddies. It’s you who is gonna decide whether you’ll end up in the best place or not. And believe me, getting into a top college is very similar to purchasing an out-of-the league car or bike. It all depends upon your investment.

And the investment is in the form of…….????


No its not intelligence or IQ…..

It’s all your HARWORK and attitude….. MARK MY WORDS….

I’ve seen people who were regarded as fools when they passed out of high school and made it to colleges like IIT,DCE and NITs…

Your Attitude is very important when I talk of getting up to the top. Yes its true…to get into an IIT you have to eat IIT, drink IIT and sleep IIT (not literally :D)…

You have to forget every other thing in life… Prioritise stuff…. And IIT should be on the top of your list. You have to motivate yourself from time to time and guide yourself in the right way….

There are two kinds of people in the world. People who commit mistakes and then learn and people who learn from other peoples’ mistakes.  And this is where all this stuff written by us comes into play… We have shared all our experiences and given you all kinds of useful advice for your entrance preparations…All the very best and  Happy reading..