IIIT Hyderabad Opening and Closing RanK | IIIT Hyderabad Cutoffs| IIIT Hyderabad Branchwise Cutoffs

Branch Name Allotted Under Category OpeningRank Closing Rank
Computer Science & Engineering 5 year dual degree OP 157 2613
Computer Science & Engineering OP 162 1729
Electronics &Communication Engineering 5 year dual degree OP 2093 2646
Electronics &Communication Engineering OP 344 1921



  1. sir i got 13043 air and 2000 rank in state can i get seat in iiit

  2. sir,i got 7543 air and around 200 rank in state.can i get seat in iiit,h

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  4. Sir i’m getting 205 in Aieee and 285 marks in BITSAT
    what should i give prfrnc to ?
    I’m intrstd in CSE and chem engg

    • What is you rank in AIEEE?? If you are getting CSE in IIIT or Warangal,I would suggest go for it. You wont get a good branch with your BITS marks.

  5. sir
    i got 3491 in IIT JEE
    2969 in AIEEE
    i am getting cse in bits hyderabad
    what should i do

    • We would advise you to go with your AIEEE rank and take admission in CSE either at Warangal,Surathakl ot IIIT Hyderabad.

  6. sir i got 25 marks less in aieee frm the marks i calculatd frm differnt answr keys available on net…m callin at aieee offices bt noone iz receiving d calls…wot to do??
    aieee answer key is nt available on net also…n from every coaching’s key m gettin 20 to 30 marks more…plz rply soon

    • @shreya i cal. 205 mrks in aieee nd got jst 163 ! :(
      i searched a lot for a procedure to recheck our answer sheet but couldn’t find a single one.

    • This is the final result Shreya. You will have to live with it. You can file an RTI but you should probably use your efforts in searching for a good college rather.

  7. Sir, I got rank 1 in my state n 13 AIR. Can I get admitted in IIIT Hyderabad???

  8. Hi Sir,
    I have got 3400 rank in jee, 1342 in aieee, 305 in Bits and also called for iist. I am from delhi, so will easily get admission in DCE. I am interested in mechanical n electronics. Plz guide me in deciding the college and branch. Thanks.

    • IIIT Hyderabad through AIEEE would be the best choice. Otherwise prefer BITS to DCE. IIT go for it if you need the brand name a lot.

  9. sir i got 9486 rank in aieee i am getting civil in trichy &(IT) in iiit allahabad & all branch in bhopal nit (home state)
    but iam intersted in mech. but people say b-nit is not so good ,sir should i leave b-nit and go for above two colleges ,
    if yes ,then which “cvl “or “iiit”

    sir is iiit good for IT than nit allahabad?

    sir please reply soon

    • IT in IIIT Allahabad if you take the placements in mind. Trichy is anyways good but do understand the living conditions there.

  10. sir
    i got 301 in bits
    n 7285 in aieee
    i m interesred in cse
    so shld i take cse in bits hyderabad or prefer any other branch in gud NIT???

  11. sir my brother got
    288 in bits
    n 18000 in eee
    he is interesred in cse
    so shld he choose bits hyderabad or prefer NIT???

    • BITS Hyderabad. He won’t get a good NIT and not a good branch as well.

  12. sir,
    my aieee rank is 1390
    and i live in dwarka (new delhi).
    should i go to nsit or iiit hyderabad.
    i have heard that at iiit hyderabad except cse all branches had vacant seats that is the seats didnt fill up and a special 5th round of councilling took place…..

  13. please rank the following
    cse in
    Warangal , IIIT hyderabad , surathkal, nsit delhi , dce delhi.

  14. my aieee rank is 2968
    what are the chances of getting cse in IIIT HYDERABAD / NIT WARANGAL.

  15. got 1500 rank in aieee
    confused among nit trichy, nit warangal,nit surathkal, “mnit allahabad”.
    and suggest the best stream in one of these.
    I have no specific interest
    -do consider I am a North Indian

  16. i have got 17000 rank in aieee and 240 marks in bitsat. i have also given eamcet and waiting for its results. my doubt is, wrt my aieee rank, which is the best college i can get??

  17. i got a AIR of 1719 in AIEEE , are there any chances to get into iiithyd?
    thanks :)

  18. I got AIEEE rank 6293 (OP)and in which college which branch available. please advise the suitable branch and college

  19. is IT better branch then eee????
    if i keep my interest aside wht in ur opinion is better????

  20. Sir,
    I got the 6293 AIEEE rank, Can I get dual degree course in IIIT hyderabad. or suggest in admission about the available college for CES or ECE.

  21. Sir,i got 93 marks nd i have 95 percentile in jee mains 2016,can i get any good college?…..or i have to rept.

  22. Sir, i have scored 154 in Jee mains 2016, belong to OBC category .and my board marks 87% CBSE. Can i electrical in NIT Jamshedpur or any core branch in IIITs ?

  23. I got wow marks in her mains,ap inter board marks pow where I get seat in computor science in nit colleges

  24. sir 248 marks in mains and 97% in rbse board can i get admissn in iiit haidarabad or u can suggest any other college…

  25. i got 93 marks in jee mains,90%in teangana state board,sc which best college i can get?

  26. my jee mains rank is 7837.. can i get admission in iiit hyderabad through it??

  27. sir my jeemain AIR is 27523 and i am confused . can i get any chance in nit’s or iiit’s with civil or electrical branch . sir if i get to know i would be very thankful to you!

  28. Sir my air in Jee mains is 24573 and obc 5589 moreover I belong to jharkhand can I get electrical in nit jamshedpur

  29. sir my rank in sc is 3752 .can i get cse branch in iiit hyderabad.

    please sir , answer me as soon as possible

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