Query: hello…actully my rank in vit is 7750…wich all branch will be offred to me??

Solution:There are no specific cutoffs mentioned anywhere so we only have predictions based on general surveys:-

1. Rank < 5000 : The branch of your choice

2. Rank < 7000 : On the borderline for CS,ECE

3. Rank < 10000 :   Electrical, EEE, Chemical, Mechanical,  etc for sure.

4. Rank < 13000 : Lower branches but in the second counselling.

Query: i got 27376 air rank in aieee.can i get admission in THAPAR UNIVERSITY?if yes then which streams am i most likely to get?
thank you!!

Solution: Yes you will certainly get admission in Thapar university. At your rank, you are most likely to get chemical for sure and mechanical if you are lucky and the cutoffs dip.

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