The Indian Institute of technology was established in May 1950 in Hijli and is the oldest and largest IIT in India. It is one of the top engineering colleges in India with several departments, colleges and schools operating under it. Earlier the institute did not allow its students to have international placements. However the scenario has now changed and IIT Kharagpur has started inviting international companies for campus placements. In the last few years fresh graduates have started commanding better or equally flashy entry-level salaries at IIT Kharagpur placements.


Placements Procedure at IIT Kharagpur


The Training and Placement Section of IIT Kharagpur is in charge of campus placement of the graduating students of all Centres, Departments and Schools. The Section offers good infrastructure to ensure every step of the placement process is carried out smoothly. Placements procedure at IIT Kharagpur involves the placement section making arrangements for Pre-Placement Discussion, Written Tests, Group Discussion and Interviews. In the last couple of years, the institute has had a good placement record in top domestic companies.


Sectors in IIT Kharagpur Placements


Students of IIT Kharagpur have a preference for IT and financial sectors when it comes to placements. Till date, organizations in the core industry functions such as IT, research and development and manufacturing have been the main recruiters at IIT Kharagpur.


Top Recruiters from IIT Kharagpur


The Training and Placement Section of IIT Kharagpur have always invited reputed companies from India for recruitment. Some of the Top Recruiters from IIT Kharagpur over the years include the following companies:

  • Automotive Research Association, Pune
  • Aztech Tech. & Software, Bangalore
  • BEL-CRL, Bangalore
  • Cisco Systems, Bangalore
  • CMC Ltd, Pune
  • CMC Ltd., Hyderabad


IIT Kharagpur Contact Details Postal Address: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Kharagpur – 721302, India Phone No: +91-3222-255221 Fax: +91-3222-255303