Placement and Salary details and Statistics of IITG (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati) 2009


IIT Guwahati is a prominent member of the group of IIT institutes distributed all over the country. IIT Guwahati was set up in the year 1994 with the aim of becoming a premier educational institution in the field of information technology, engineering and science. The institute offers B. Tech., B. Des., M. Tech., Ph.D. and M.Sc. programs. IIT Guwahati boasts of a strong infrastructure backed by an efficient faculty and in depth research facilities. IIT Guwahati placements are held by the institute every year. The main goal of the placement campaigns is to provide a platform for candidates that will help them choose a right career path for themselves.


IIT Guwahati Placement Procedure


The placement procedure for IIT Guwahati is extremely simple and easy to follow. The institute invites the companies through e-mail messages, phone calls and faxes. Companies which are interested in selecting candidates from IIT Guwahati are required to fill up the Job Announcement Form. The forms can be downloaded from the institute website. The form specifies requirement of information related to job description, job profile, place of posting and remuneration. Once the Placement Cell receives the various job announcement forms from all companies, the dates for campus visit are allotted by the institute. IIT Guwahati also conducts pre-placement talks which are followed by written tests, group discussions and interviews. The names of the selected candidates are announced by the companies soon after the selection procedure.


IIT Guwahati Placement Records


The placement track record of IIT Guwahati shows that the institutes candidates are placed in large number among all major companies and organization in the corporate industry. Every year, a large number of companies visit IIT Guwahati to tap into the talented human resource pool of the institute. IIT Guwahati announces the placement of hundreds of students in various top notch companies every academic year.


Major Placement Organizations at IIT Guwahati


IIT Guwahati candidates are in great demand amongst major organizations. A number of prominent companies attend the IIT Guwahati placement campaigns to select suitable candidates. Some of the main companies which visit IIT Guwahati placements on a regular basis are Absolutdata, Accenture, Adobe, Ashok Leyland, Aricent, Bentley Systems, BPCL, Byte Consulting, CADopia, C-DOT, Chembiotech, Cisco, Cognizant, Conexant, Cosmic Circuits and Covansys.


Companies Offering Placements to CSE Students:

iRunway,drishti soft,verizon,infosys,ibm(ISL),Oracle(AD),Adobe,SAIL,QWEST,BHEL,Stran life,Oracle(Elite),Micro soft,IOCL,Oracle(st),Net App,IBM(ISL),RSMT,Oracle(ST_PPO),Yahoo,DE Shaw.


Companies Offering Placements to ECE Students:

NTPC,Oracle(AD),C-DOT,BHEL,Samsung siso,Verizon,iRunway,DRDO,MTE,Sterilite,Mu SIgma,SAIL,QWEST,Cisco,HAL,Adobe,Fair Isaac,IBM(ISL)


Companies Offering Placements to ME Students:

L&T ltd,HAL,BHEL,irunway,DRDO,Mu Sigma,PWC,Think 3,NTPC,RIL PPO,TCE,SAIL,EIL,Dr.Reddy’s Lab,Shell,Schlumberger,ofs,Head strong,Oil.


Companies Offering Placements to CIVIL Students:

Godrej,Mu Sigma,SAIL,BHEL,ONGC,Head strong,TCE,PWC,IOCL,Fair Isaac.

Companies Offering Placements to BIO-TECH Students:

PCS,Fair Isaac,John deere,Head Strong,iRunway,TCS,PCS.

Companies  Offering Placements to CL Students:

TCE,SAIL,EIL,Dr.Reddy’s Lab,IOCL,PCS,PWC,JOhn deere,RIL PPO,Head strong,Oil.

Companies Offering Placements to DESIGN Students: Cognizant,Fair Isaac,DE Shaw.

Placement,Salary Details of IIT Guwahati 2009

Number of offers made:219. Number of offers accepted:199.

Total Recruiters participated in the placements:47.

Total Recruiters who have actually recruited:45.

Total number of students placed overseas: N/A.

Companies offering highest domestic offer: OFS, Schlum berger.