Placement and Salary details and Statistics of IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay is one of the finest centers of academic education in the country. IIT Bombay was set up in the year 1958 with the aim of becoming on of the best institutes for IT and management education in the world. The institute offers unparalleled education, training and research facilities for its students.

The IIT Bombay Placement opportunities are one of the most well known features of the institute. Every year, hundreds of students of IIT Bombay are selected by top notch companies through the placement campaign held by the institute.

IIT Bombay Placement Procedure

The placement campaign for IIT Bombay is undertaken by following a certain procedure. IIT Bombay sens the invitations to companies and organizations with relevant information and the Job Announcement Form (JAF). The filled up JAF are then sent back to the institute by the interested companies which are then made available for the students online along with relevant information. Interested candidates are then required to register for the PPT which is held by the companies. The short listed names of the PPT selected candidates are asked to send their resume through the online interface assigned to the companies. The aptitude, technical test, personal interviews and group discussion are held on the dates as specified by the placement department. Once the names of the selected candidates are announced, they are not allowed to sit for other interviews.

IIT Bombay Placement Record

The placement record for IIT Bombay is extremely impressive. Hundreds of prominent companies and organization visit the institute every year with the intention of picking up some of the greatest talents of the country. The demand for candidates always surpasses the availability of students to fill up the vacancies. The institute enjoys a success rate of close to 100% placements every year.

Major Placement Organizations at IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay candidates are in great demand. IIT Bombay is considered as a pool of brilliant minds and intellectuals. Many important companies and organizations attend the IIT Bombay placement campaigns to recruit their required candidates. Some of the main companies frequently come for IIT Bombay placements are Godrej, e-Clerx, Cadbury, Marico, Citibank, Accenture, Infosys Technologies Ltd, Wipro, Bristlecone, Anand Group and Mahindra British Telecom. Citibank, GECIS, JP Morgan Chase, SBI Caps and SBI Bank are regular selectors in the banking sector where as TATA Strategic Management Group, Accenture, Bristlecone, Avalon, Infosys Technologies Ltd are related to the consulting domain.

Key Statistics:

1. Number of Students Participated in Placements: 1098

2. Number of Students Opting out of Placements: 46

3. Offers Accepted: 789

4. Total number of Students Placed Overseas: 6

5. Total Recruiters Participated in the Placements: 177

6. Total Recruiters who have Actually Recruited: 171