Given below is a detailed list of books and other reference you should follow for your success in the Chemistry Section of IITJEE 2011.

Books recommended :-

  • NCERT textbook:-

1.) Very important; basic textbook from which a number of questions have been directly asked in JEE, AIEEE etc

2.) Must read it very thoroughly; those who underestimate it suffer a lot, believe me.

  • R.C. Mukherjee: –

1.) Probably the best book for physical chemistry

2.) Excellent theory with complete and requisite details about each topic.

3.) Subjective question, both solved and unsolved are plenty and of good level too; recommended for subjective practice too.

  • P.BAHADUR :-

1.) Also a very good book on physical chemistry with a large problem base.

  • Arihant Organic Chemistry : –

1.)  Excellent book for basic concepts and question practice.

2.) Recommended for both beginners and ready-to-crack aspirants.

3.) You will have to be careful about the syllabus as there are a lot of extra things given in there.

  • O.P. Khanna :-

1.)  Book with large amounts of data on almost all organic reactions in JEE and AIEEE syllabus.

2.) Not good for problem practice and you also need to have a look at the syllabus before studying from it.