8 reasons why it is NOT important to go to IIT

by Team Eduarena

Hmmm…. JEE is going to be held in a couple of months from now…More than 95% of you all who appear for this prestigious examination would be rejected.. and naturally feel dejected. Here are some reasons why you should NOT : – 1.) IIT is a brand that has been bloated far beyond its actual […]

Exams on!

by Sanjana Mahabale

Some have already taken JEE Main. Now only three dates for online JEE Main remain. So, now that you are already biting your nails before the big day, let’s see how to face the exam in an equable manner. For those people taking there exam on 11th  and 12th April Get enough sleep and eat […]

IIT Madras to set up first foreign office in Silicon valley

by Team Eduarena

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mad­ras will soon open its first foreign office in the Silicon Valley,  USA, to attract more alum­ni funding and recruit young faculty. “As most of our alumni work in the Silicon Valley  we are likely to open our first international office there. We expect to raise 10 times more […]

IITs to increase fee by 80 per cent in 2013

by Team Eduarena

All IIT aspirants seeking admission to undergraduate programmes from this year will have to pay  Rs.90,000 per annum as against the current fee of Rs.50,000 per annum. The fee was last revised from  Rs.25,000 per annum to Rs.50,000 per annum in 2008-09. This latest increase of almost 80 per cent was endorsed by Raju on the ground that the IITs, […]

JEE Forms to be released by November 1

by Team Eduarena

The JEE Main 2013 Application Forms will be available from the month of November on internet only. There will be no sale of paper forms and so the candidates have to fill the forms online only. In a fresh document released by CBSE, additional details about the JEE Main 2013 which will be conducted in […]

ONLINE JEE Main 2013 to be conducted in April 2013

by Team Eduarena

According to the latest announcements made by CBSE the ONLINE JEE Main 2013 will be held in the month of April 2013. Though the date has yet not been finalized the speculated range is anytime from 8th to 25th of April 2013. The OFFLINE JEE Main 2013 will be held on 7th April 2013. JEE […]

IITJEE 2013 Exam Pattern: No Subjective Questions

by Team Eduarena

Putting to rest all confusion over admission to Indian Institutes of Technology  (IITs), the joint admission board (JAB) of IITs clarified that the format of the joint entrance examination (JEE)-Advanced paper will be the same as that of IIT-JEE in the last few years. The ministry for human resource development (MHRD) issued its first ever […]

IIT JEE 2012 Counseling Status First Round

by Team Eduarena

Result of IIT JEE 2012 first counseling has been announced by IIT JEE . You can view you Course Allocations @ http://www.jee.iitb.ac.in/ They have also published IIT JEE 2012 Opening And closing ranks for First round Please look below Check OPENING AND CLOSING RANKS FOR different course(For first round ) COURSE CODE GE OBC SC ST GE-PD OBC-PD SC-PD […]

IITJEE 2012: Minority quota will not be implemented

by Team Eduarena

The IITs and other centrally-funded educational institutions will now have to put on hold the minorities sub-quota following the Supreme Court order. Students in this category who had already been counseled are likely to lose their choice of course or the IIT. IIT JEE 2012 organizing committee chairman Prof G B Reddy said, “The minority quota […]

Should I give IIT-JEE another chance?

by Team Eduarena

‘I know I can do it……  Let me give it another shot……. I will work really hard…. I will not waste a single moment of my schedule…. I will clear IIT-JEE next time.’  Ok…. so you are thinking of dropping a year and trying again for IIT-JEE. I am sure this thought is churning the […]