8 reasons why it is NOT important to go to IIT

by Team Eduarena

Hmmm…. JEE is going to be held in a couple of months from now…More than 95% of you all who appear for this prestigious examination would be rejected.. and naturally feel dejected. Here are some reasons why you should NOT : – 1.) IIT is a brand that has been bloated far beyond its actual […]

Preparing for Job Interviews? Log on to SmartMentors

by Team Eduarena

We launched Eduarena almost 4 years back and in this course of time, we have helped over 50,000 students preparing for engineering entrance exams. Some of these students have just entered college and a lot are already in their third or final year of engineering. And the next big thing when you are in your […]

On Linguistics

by Sanjana Mahabale

What is Linguistics? Who is a linguist? What do linguists do? What is the scope of linguistics? How does linguistics differ from literature studies? How does linguistics relate to other disciplines like sociology, psychology, philosophy, literary theory, speech-language pathology and such other disciplines? These are some of the questions, which come to our mind in […]

On Sociology

by Sanjana Mahabale

More on arts: Sociology is mainly a social science division. Social science has proper observation and analysis methods for developing and refining the knowledge associated with social activity and organization. Sociology is essentially a very extensive discipline in respect to both methodology and subject matter. It is focused on social relations, social stratification, culture and deviance, […]

On Public Administration

by Sanjana Mahabale

More on arts: Public Administration is an interdisciplinary discipline draws theories and concepts from economics, political science, administrative, management, law, sociology and a varied range in relevant field. Public servants and other officers who work in public sector are known as Public Administrators. This field broadly studies the development, implementation and government policies. Careers in public administration require […]

creative writing

On Creative Writing

by Sanjana Mahabale

More on arts: Creative writing is essentially a medium to express feelings, thoughts and emotions rather than simply conveying information. Creative writing requires plenty of observation, imagination and ability to paint word-pictures out of anything under the sun. Creative writing is considered to be poetry, fiction or non-fiction which goes outside the bounds of normal academic, […]

Top 5 Best Careers

by Sanjana Mahabale

Engineer Are you a rational thinker who is good with science and math, plus enjoy solving complex technical problems? Then a career in engineering can be just what the doctor ordered to be successful in your professional life.Not only is the job intriguing by nature, but the fact that as a professional in this line […]

Procrastination: causes, effects and cure

by Sanjana Mahabale

Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the “last minute” before the deadline. The pleasure principle may be responsible for procrastination; one may prefer to […]


by Sanjana Mahabale

I have travelled, travelled for far too long. The destination is far, the road is scarred. Sometimes there are moments, moments of respite, moments despite the helplessness. When the direction seems right, my aim correct. But I can’t be allowed to rest in those moments of respite. For I have travelled, travelled for far too […]

how is college life. btech colleges in india

College life – The Best days of your life

by Rituparna Roy

One can’t forget his/her college life. Some achieve, some loose, some get love, some get friends and you learn all important lessons of life. You are going to spend the best four years of your life. You won’t get back to that life after four years though you try your hard. So enjoy hard while […]