Now that the boards are over and the exam is inching closer, it is very obvious that one might feel nervous and panicky about the D day. Its normal and nothing to get worried about.

You should just bear in mind that staying calm and composed would help you study and score better in the exam. Thinking about the outcome would only add more pressure. And pressure is something we don’t want at this stage where you have to brush up everything you’ve studied and keep your skills as sharp as ever.


Remember that it is useless to go for topics you’ve never studied before but I reckon you do the theory portion well. In that case you would be safeguarding yourself from losing out on easy questions which require very basic knowledge of the subject. To make things simpler you can categorise topics as weak, medium and strong. Now lets say you study for 12 hours a day.

You can give 3 hours to the strong ones, 6 to the medium ones and 3 to the weak ones. This way you won’t be losing out on the strong and weak ones and would also be scoring well in the medium ones. Now practising test papers is also very important. You can choose certain days to take mock tests sitting at home only. Do keep in mind that these tests should be taken in strict discipline. Try your best to simulate the exam conditions . Your timings should match the exam timings.

This would help you modulate your body clock. “Early to bed…. early to rise” – thats what you should do. On the day just before the exam, I would suggest you to do a single 3 hour test paper and not analyse it. This would keep you in flow and also guard against any kind of demoralisation. Relax in the evening and indulge in some kind of recreational acivity or go out for change. In other words do anything that relaxes your mind. It needs to be fresh for the battle.


And when the D day dawns… try to be as normal as you’ve been in any mock test. DO NOT experiment with your strategy. Follow the same old rules. Stay calm and composed. Don’t talk much in the morning. Avoid talking to people who pass comments like “Aaj to phodna hai tune” or anything of the same sort. It adds pressure. Just keep in mind that nothing is at stake (it actually isn’t ….believe me J). Do not talk to people at the exam centre. More than 90 % of them are fake.

They may discourage or demoralise you instead. Do not analyse the first paper immediately after ,during the break. Remember there’s plenty of time to do all that. Its better if you can rest somewhere between the two papers. It’ll help. It would be better if you take something which is filling but not heavy for lunch. Energy drinks along with lunch would do wonders.


All the best! “If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds of distance worth run Yours is the Earth and all thats in it and whats more you’ll be a man my son!! “ Rudyard Kipling