JEE Mains 2013 Counselling – DTU & NDTU Preference List by Vidyamandir Classes

Preference order for NDTU & DTU are:

NDTU – Branch
Computer Sc. (COE)
Electronics and Communication Engg. (ECE)
Information Technology (IT)
Instrumentation and Control Engg. (ICE)
Manufacturing Processes and Automation (MPAE)
Biotechnology (BT)

MPAE is related to ME, it is also a good branch.

DTU – Branch
Computer Engg. (COE)
Electronics and Communication Engg. (ECE)
Information Technology (IT)
Software Engg. (SE)
Electrical and Electronics Engg. (EEE)
Mechanical Engg. (ME)
Electrical Engg. (EE)
Automotive Engg. (AE)
Production Engg. (PIE)
Mathematics & Computing Engg. (MCE)
Civil Engg. (CE)
Polymer & Industrial Engg. (PCT)
Environmental Engg. (ENE)
Biotechnology (BT)
Engineering Physics (EP)



  • COE and IT both are same branches; there is difference of only few courses combined in all the four years. You can even think of putting IT before ECE in the preference sheet, if you really wanted of joining IT Firms after your engineering.
  • Electrical and Mechanical are two equivalent options according to us. You can think between them yourself.

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