Top Mining Engineering Colleges In India

Mining Engineering Colleges in India

  1. IIT, Kharagpur
  2. ISM, Dhanbad
  3. IT BHU  Varanasi
  4. NITK Surathkal
  5. VNIT Nagpur
  6. Anna University, Tamil Nadu
  7. NIT Raipur
  8. IIEST, Shibpur (Earlier BESU)
  9. BIT Sindri
  10. MBM Engineering College , Jodhpur
  12. Government Engineering College, Gandhinagar
  13. Government Engineering College, Bilaspur.


The above list gives a comprehensive data about  good colleges in India to pursue Mining Engineering.

You know about any other Mining Engg Colleges in India,add them in the comment section below and we will add them in the list of Top Mining Engg Colleges in India list given above.

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4 thoughts on “Top Mining Engineering Colleges In India
  1. A 678900

    if u r writing BESU, Shibpur as an IIEST, please write IT-BHU also as IIT. After all both the bills are pending be it BESU or BHU

  2. ram singh bablu

    i am not given any type of exam of engeenering but i want to take admmision in minnig college .how i can get best college s in india plz help me


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