VIT Branch Predictor

There are no specific cutoffs mentioned anywhere so we only have predictions based on general surveys:-

1. Rank < 5000 : The branch of your choice

2. Rank < 7000 but >5000: On the borderline for CS,ECE

3. Rank < 10000 but >7000 :   Electrical, EEE, Chemical, Mechanical,  etc for sure.

4. Rank < 13000 but >10000 : Lower branches but in the second counselling.

5. Rank <15000 but >13000: There is a slight hope for you. But keep trying elsewhere too. Don’t rely only on VIT.

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7 thoughts on “VIT Branch Predictor

  1. wat are seats would be available for 5416rank in vit vellore campus

  2. Madhuri_rajkumar says:

    my rank in vit is 18207. what r the courses i can get

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