HBTI Kanpur (UPTU)Opening and Closing Ranks 2009,Cutoff Ranks for Various Branches

Harcourt Butler Technological Institute , Kanpur  Closing Ranks for the Year 2009 for Various Branches for different categories..


Bio Chemical Engineering (BC )

BC —3458

BCAF —5474

BCGL —7630

FWOP —2171

FWPH —49585

OP —2380

OPAF —6125 


Civil Engineering (CE )


OP —1250

OPAF —2468

OPGL —3502

SC —8760


ST —29545


Computer Science & Engineering (CS )

BC —747

BCGL —1201



OPAF —1067

OPFF —1218

OPPH —8111 

SC —4352

ST —6999

Electrical Engineering (EE )

BC —1707

OP —1003

OPAF —1982

OPGL —2212

SC —6852

ST —14785

Electronics Engineering (EL )

BC —984

BCPH —20170 

OP —869

OPAF —1628 

OPGL —1286

OPPH —16116 

SC —7384

ST —7379




    TH GEN(6170) AND GIRLS(690)

    • can I get HBTI with GEN(6170) and OB C(1549)

  2. my rank is 979 general can i get hbti electrical

  3. my uptu rankis 12120 .. is there any chance of getting a government college ?? please tell….

  4. hey my general rank is 3222 can i get hbti kanpur n wat is good stream in hbti kanpur

  5. hbti me or mnnit biotechnology

  6. 1068 general rank……can i get cse ec me it something in hbti

  7. hey my general rnk is 2100 in uptu… cn i get hbti?? any brnch?? m also hvng domicile of UP…

  8. m y rank is 586(gn).can i get cs?

  9. any chance for me to hv cs in hbti… ma rank 643 (general)…??


  10. hei my rank is gen(17447) and girls(2340).is there any chance for me in hbti???

  11. My uptu general category rank is 2591 and girl’s category rank is 266. Please guide if I can get HBTI with the core branches or I shouldn’t wait for it and take admission through AIEEE.

  12. i have got this much rank so am i eligible for hbti-kanpur(cs)..infact i dont think so but still do let me know?????


  13. sir ,
    I’m so confused plz help me out i score 201 sc rank in uptu 2013 for MCA and my genegral rank is 3632 ,so plz tell me that can i get the goverment college for mca or not plz help me out

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