AIEEE 2010 – Round 1 Seat Allotment Result

Round 1: Seat Allotment Result declared. Click on the link below to check

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  1. sir, my aieee rank is 1447 ST cota .kya mujhe admission miln sakta hai…..

  2. hey my name is anudeep. and iam verry confues . confues because i have got aieee state rank 10326 and i dont now how i could got the college for my higher studies

  3. i got state rank 18385.My category rank is 7112.what colleges i got for admission.

  4. Hi bibha tell us your AIR ad we will help you out…also tell your state and category..

  5. i have got AIR 234358 and state rank 152 and
    general cat rank 69 can iget admission in aieeee

  6. Hi Katyaynee..Just tell us what state you belong to??because your state rank is too good and so you can get admission in your home state..

  7. my air is41920 and state rank is 1294 can i get admisison in mnit jaipur

  8. can i got amission in mnit jaipur in b.arct.

  9. my aieee rank is 81000 n st rank is 3489 overall can i get bit deogarh

  10. am sanooplal from kerala , in my aieee state rank is 9141 category rank 4192 , can i get seat in nit calicut ?

  11. i have got AIR 197700 where will i get a seat under obc category

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