VIT Vellore Counseling Information and Suggestions 19

Counselling for the allotment of specific branches will be done on the basis of the rank secured by the candidates in VITEEE-2010. The counselling will begin on June 2 and go on till June 14. The list of counselling dates with cut off marks is as below:


Phase – I

Rank Date Day
1 – 3000 02-06-2010 Wednesday
3001-5000 04-06-2010 Friday
5001-7000 07-06-2010 Monday
7001-9000 09-06-2010 Wednesday
9001-11000 11-06-2010 Friday
11001-13000 14-06-2010 Monday


Check VITEEE 2010 Results here


Keeping up its commitment to giving back to the society for its uplift, VIT University VIT IGNITE Scholarships. The scholarship provides 100 per cent tuition fee waiver for the top three higher secondary exam rank holders in each state, 100 per cent tuition fee waiver for the top 50 VITEEE students and 50 per cent tuition fee waiver for students ranked 51 – 100 in the VITEEE.


Check VITEEE 2010 Results here


Check VITEEE 2010 Results here


Discuss all about VITEEE 2010 with fellow applicants here and also get expert advice from moderators here.

Dr G. Viswanathan, chancellor of the university who had spent all his life time to develop rural areas and youngsters in those places has been running Support The Advancement of Rural Students (STAR) scholarship. As part of the scholarship district toppers (One Boy and One Girl) in all districts of Tamil Nadu who are studying in government schools in rural areas appearing in VITEEE-2010 will be given 100 per cent fee waiver and 100 per cent exemption from hostel and mess fees.


Commencement of First year classes

School of Mechanical and Building Sciences (SMBS)
B.Tech – Civil, Mechanical, Mechanical (Spec. in Automotive Engg.),
Mechanical (Spec. in Energy Engg.)and Mechanical ( Chemical Process Engg)
Wednesday, July 07, 2010
School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE)
B.Tech – Electronics and Communication Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering (SELECT)
B.Tech – Electrical and Electronics Engineering and
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
School of Bio Science and Technology (SBST)
B.Tech – Bioinformatics, Bio-Medical and Biotechnology
Friday, July 09, 2010
School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE)
B.Tech – Information Technology
School of Computing Sciences (SCSE)
B.Tech – Computer Science and Engineering

Discuss all about VITEEE 2010 with fellow applicants here and also get expert advice from moderators here.


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19 thoughts on “VIT Vellore Counseling Information and Suggestions

  1. Reply anuja agarwal May 28,2010 5:22 am

    i m getting 12767 rank in vit…which branch m i supposed to get???

  2. Reply Arnab Rastogi,1st year CSE VIT,vellore Jun 4,2010 2:49 am



    Hello guys.I am Arnab Rastogi,a FIRST year student of Computer Engineering in VIT, Vellore.Since I too got entangled in the Flashy advertisement made by VIT,I took admission there @ completely ruined my carreer.Since the admissions to it are on now I wanted to tell you all, some facts about VIT-THE REAL STORY OF VIT.Please consider this coz I dont want any fresh talent to get wasted like me @ my batchmates…

    I had got AIR around 25000 in aieee 2009, and around 8500 in VITEEE 2009.I had gone through the pretty alluring “Violet coloured” booklet of VIT which claimed VIT to be among top 10 colleges of India ahead of institutes like NITs,IIITs,ISM,DCE,private institutes like DAIICT,Thapar,MIT,PDPU,JNU,etc…I was eligible to many of the good NITs,DAIICT,Thapar coz i belonged to OBC category…But since ‘Books are mistakenly considerd good by looking at its cover’, I and my batchmates too made the same mistake @ now only we know how big price we are paying for it!!

    Nearly all the claims of VIT will be proved ‘cleverly said in the brochure’ after you take admission here..I GUARANTEE FOR THIS…

    1st claim-

    ‘VIT is NAAC recognised’—- actually VIT is blacklisted by Mr.Kapil Sibal,education minister of India because of fraud norms @ claims set up by the VIT’s management.You can check yourself by browsing through google.NAAC @ AICTE has kept VIT under consideration along with institutes like SRM,Symbiosis etc..NAAC had earlier kept VIT under A grade consideration,but never has confirmed it..

    2nd claim-

    “VIT is in top 10 universities of India”…HAHAHAH..what a bad joke..!!!

    If this was true how is it possible for a university to be ranked 10th by India today @ 43rd by an equally popular magazine Outlook???Check the faculty profile of NITs, DAIICT,Thapar,many government colleges under aieee and then yourself will know it!!!VIT only has a big campus area @ nothing else….Its like a gold ring in a pig’s pout..sorry for my language but it’s true..Actually VIT had heavily bribed the magazine India Today to get it anyhow within top 10…

    3rd claim-

    “VIT has excellent placement”

    Many of the students from damn rich families come here just to ‘enjoy teenage life’ through NRI/Management Quota….the are the biggest spoilers!!many students get very low packages because they are unable to concentrate on their studies here@ also due to lack of research work here…last year’s average package was only 2.5 to 3 with highest going 7…If the package would really have been so good why had then VIT not exactly mentioned the clear data under ‘MANDATORY DISCLOSURE’ or in the ‘PLACEMENT’ tab like other good colleges..think yourself!!!Even here is the partiality done among north @ south students….Last year good NITs @ even small private colleges coming under aieee had better placements than VIT….

    4th claim-

    “VIT has excellent international collaboration”

    This is the most cunning claim of VIT!!! In reality,only few students who have lots @lots of money are eligible to go to foriegn countries just as a ‘picnic’ tour…Only few foreign teachers come here @ that too 4 a day or two…VIT claims them to be professors from big universities…but here too most of us VITians have doubt!!!

    5th claim-

    “VIT has excellent extra-curricular activites”

    F***** shit..VIT definately has courts without coaches but even though we are very rarely allowed to play in all of the courts due to some nonsense “disciplinary measures”..In basketball only, 1 court is used for 2555 students of engineering!!!!Players are given college uniforms @ are made to play just for the sake of clicking snaps for brochures @ magazines!!!

    6th claim-

    ” VIT has a lot of research work”

    Only professors are allowed mostly in the labs @ we are entitled to be “rare visitors”..VIT has nothing in the name of research…Just 1 or two per branch…no funds are given by the government since its a private university @ the funds of VIT are used for expanding its buissness,building up of marketting strategies including lots of advertisements in papers,news @ definately for bribing magazines @ sites for pulling up VIT’s rank in the university rankings….

    These are only some of the facts about VIT..I have no personal enemity with any person related to VIT or students taking admission in it..But we thought the way we were duped should never happen with any one else..Truth has to be told true…You can’t make false stament look true just by decorating the lies…

    Besides all the claims made by VIT, there are also certain issues which can not be openly discussed in a public site…Issues like drugs,Teen pregnencies,ragging,regionalism also do crop up here..AND FORGET ABOUT GOOD PLACEMENTS HERE..I wanted to display my real name @ contact here for references but I was not advised so by my seniors at VIT coz i might have problems here in VIT..after all I will have to pass my 3 years here…



  3. Reply Ankur Jun 6,2010 1:48 pm

    i have got 15321rank in VIT which branch i can get at Vellore campus??

  4. Reply amol Jun 10,2010 2:43 pm

    i think you will not get good branch at vellore .
    even got cse with 6061 rank

  5. Reply D.VAMSI Jun 16,2010 7:21 am

    i got a rank 14824.which group can i get

  6. Reply u.pavan Jun 16,2010 7:26 am

    i got a rank 37001.which group can i get

  7. Reply firoz Jun 16,2010 1:35 pm

    i got a rank100000.can i get ece at vellore

  8. Reply Raman Kumar Singh Jun 21,2010 4:23 pm

    Sir I got 1lakh 6 thousand rank in viteee. Can I get me at vellore in management quota. please inform me.

  9. Reply saran srikanth Jun 25,2010 6:26 am

    sir i got 1348 rank.but icould not attend conselling on 2nd there any procedure to get admission into the college

  10. Reply rohit kumar sinha Jun 30,2010 8:49 pm


  11. Reply darga habeeba rokhsar Jul 1,2010 3:37 pm

    my rank is 21157.can i get seat in ur university?

  12. Reply Manish Dec 14,2010 4:27 pm

    Hey !
    I wanted Your Help !
    How Do I Prepare For AIEEE
    I mean texts !
    and IIT Coaching !
    what abt bansals kota
    base or fiitjee bangalore !
    i want coachng after 12th 1 year

  13. Reply Manish Dec 14,2010 4:36 pm

    Please Give Me a Choice Of institutions i should prefer after i get into a good rank in AIEEE

  14. Reply admin Dec 14,2010 4:45 pm

    Hey Manish…

    firstly just focus on the exams right now and don”t worry about the rank or the institutions..

    Now coming on to your preparations part ,if aren’t prepared so well for IITJEE 2011 this year continue preparing for the AIEEE as it is quite simple and you can get some good colleges..Just give some more info about yourself and we can help you out better…

    Go for Kota if you want to prepare seriously but you must me determined enough…

    Good luck..

  15. Reply Sudhish K R Apr 1,2011 7:06 am


    I disagree with all the -ve comments.

    Everyone should learn to use what is GIVEN !! Its about how good you use your resources. OK?

    And coming to the resources and provisions – VIT is really good.

    I have had a great life at VIT. I made it into the BasketBall team in my 1st year. The ragging is very minimal and its a very friendly campus.

    I am in the top 5% of ECE topper list, and this is not it – I got placed at Alcatel-Lucent R&D with a good package.

    I would really appreciate it if current enrolled students STOP giving bad comments. As I said its always about how you use the things given to you. Its UNIVERSITY – If you dont learn the DIY (Do It Yourself)rule then there is NO chance for a bright future. To help you acheive the DIY, VIT gives you all the resources and funding etc. Toppers receive scholarships. Even sports students are honoured and given recognition.

    Its a very happening CAMPUS. The FUN part is always there – RIVIERA – FEST and the GRAVITAS for geeks. We love the MANAGEMENT BOARD. They help you very well.

    Its the way you do things – Its not about the way others do it for you.

    And ENGINEERING is an ART. To be one or to study ENGINEERING at VIT is simply an experience NO ONE should MISS.

    I am a research scholar at UPENN now. I am in my last semester of ENGINEERING. VIT has funded my travel expenses. This shows VIT does not discriminate students.


    My AIEEE rank was – 992 AIR!! I still chose VIT because its close to my home BANGALORE. And it was the best decision of my LIFE GUYS.

    With love,
    A sensible VIT-ian

  16. Reply Shiladitya_ghose May 10,2011 9:35 am

    i have got 9299 rank in viteee 2011.can u please tell me what branches i can expect?

  17. Reply Rvivardh May 31,2011 5:08 am

    i got 9804 rank in viteee which branch cud i gt in vit vellore

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